Perseid School

Partnership Production with Kings College Wimbledon

Pupils across KS4 and 6th form have been working together over the last two terms as they prepared for the Partnership Production with Kings College Wimbledon.

The ethos of the Partnership Production is one of collaboration and imagination, all very skillfully supported by staff and 6th formers from Kings. Five Merton schools together with Kings work together to produce the wonderful performance of The Time Machine on 26th March.

Each school rehearses in their own setting on a Friday afternoon with Kings pupils, coming together in the two Friday afternoons immediately prior to the performance to finalise. Pupils from Bond Primary created the props, Kings pupils provided wonderful music and lighting effects and all pupils (Cricket Green School, Bond Primary, Ricards, Rutlish, Perseid, Kings) contributed to the scripting. 

Thank you, Kings College School, for this opportunity.


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