Perseid School

Planning, Monitoring And Learning Walk Weeks

Over the summer holidays, we take time to reflect on key aspects of our school provision and the summer term.

Planning, Monitoring And Learning Walk Weeks

Senior Leaders at Perseid School recently completed their planning, monitoring and learning walk weeks at both Upper and Lower schools. Overall the quality of teaching and learning remains high and children have experienced a wide range of curriculum activities that has ensured breadth of knowledge and skill.

At Lower School, the Edible Garden continues to thrive and is embedded throughout the curriculum, for example following instructions, cooking, and sensory activities. The children have gained a lot from this space.

Learning Outside The Classroom has been able to fully return with classes accessing their local community on a weekly basis. Visits have taken place to local parks, shops and the library.

Pupils needing additional interventions, for example the Covid- Catch Up tutoring programme, are identified.  The additional interventions support those pupils to meet their targets.


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