Perseid School

Pupil Voice

Over the summer holidays, we take time to reflect on key aspects of our school provision and the summer term.

Pupil Voice is a priority at Perseid School and it is elicited in a number of ways to allow all pupils to express their needs and wants. All pupils are given the opportunity to express themselves using their preferred communication method and all voices and views are valued. The benefit is that pupils are supported to develop their social and communication skills, pupils are heard and as a result their self-esteem and lived school experiences are improved which research suggests holds a direct link to improved long term outcomes.

This year, Lower School Council have taken time to review the year and their achievements, which have included some exciting events like Children in Need and Red Nose Day as well as implementing resources to improve the outdoor playground, having chosen new play equipment. They are now looking ahead to the next year and thinking about what they want to plan and organise next.


At Upper School, the Head Pupil took on the role of Under 18 Community COVID Champion alongside other young people in Merton. Community Champions are a touch point between Public Health, NHS and the community; their role includes sharing clear and consistent messages on a range of important issues with friends, family, and community. 


The role was completed through occasional Zoom meetings with other community champions and then Head Pupil will share information with peers across the whole school on a range of important issues, starting with Covid Vaccination.

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