Perseid School

School Council Questionnaire Findings

On Friday 26th March, the School Questionnaire was completed by the School Council at Perseid Upper School. Below is a collation of their responses.

Home Learning

The council members discussed their home learning experiences. Some members had spent time in school during lockdown and others learnt from home.

When asked what they thought was good about learning from home, one member described what they did as akin to homework they receive from school. Other members discussed how they enjoyed video lessons and video chat, watching more TV and getting help from their siblings. When asked what was difficult about learning from home, pupils discussed Covid 19 and how the virus made focusing difficult. Another member said it was hard to focus and they felt they were feeling in a “bad mood” more often. One member said they missed their social interactions at school and missed playing football with their friends. One member said they enjoyed learning from home yet said sometimes the video chats were hard to understand. When discussing the best thing about returning to school, members said they were happy to see their friends and it was good being in lessons again. They said they feel happy and excited to be back at school. One member said they also felt nervous about returning.

Members were asked about their hopes for the rest of the year. Three members wanted to learn more cooking skills, one member said they would like to go on school trips again, another said they would like more art-based subjects and another said they want to continue learning new things. Three members said they have no concerns or worries at the moment, the two that did say they will speak to their trusted adults in school if they need help. Members were all able to name adults in the school who can help them.


Members were asked about Thrive in school. When asked what they think Thrive is, members said “it makes you relaxed and peaceful”, “it makes me feel joyful”, it is a “quiet place to work or relax and calm”, one member described Thrive as “quiet” and another said “when I am upset I go to the Thrive room.” All members said they liked Thrive and they use the Thrive specific rooms when they are feeling sad, upset or mad. One member said they use the room in the morning time. One member said they feel like they are using Thrive when they are in choir because they enjoy it. When asked about how Thrive makes them feel, members said happy, peaceful, relaxed, calm and excited. 


Members were asked what their favourite room in school was, two members said their own classrooms. Others said the swimming pool and the sensory integration room because it helps them to feel happy and safe, and the common room in 6th form, as this is the room they have missed the most.

When thinking about spaces in school that could be improved, one member said the sensory integration room as it is too noisy in there, one member said they would like the gym to be restored and another member said the common room could be improved with more computers. Two members said they think the toilets could be improved in school because “there is only two toilets. We have to wait, we need more” and “we can’t go when we are desperate”.

All members said they enjoy coming to school, two commenting that they have missed school as it has been so long. Other members saying that they enjoy learning in Perseid and have missed spending time with their friends.

What do you want?

When discussing what will make Perseid school better, one member said they would like more playground equipment, that having two slides will make the playground better. They said they would like more teaching assistants to help in lessons and at lunch time. Expressing that more staff at lunch time will make the process faster. They also suggested animals in school would be good. Another member said more arts and more music in school would make it better. One member said they think we should expand the outdoor space we have in Perseid. They said using the natural area would be good but that they also like the flooring in the playground as it stops everyone getting muddy. One member suggested more sports and more Panathalon training. Another member suggested drama lessons in 6th form and said this would make them happy.

School Council Members were asked how being in school makes them feel, and what their favourite lessons and activities are. These words were then put into a ‘word art’ to display their responses visually.


Committed to
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