Perseid School

Sports Week 2022

From the 27th June - 1st July, Perseid School hosted its annual Sports Week. 

Pupils engaged in an array of exciting and fun sports activities and learnt all about them. From tag rugby to to target, golf to basketball, swimming to football, curling and rounders to races and sitting volleyball, adapted cricket and bowling - the activities were endless. 

At Upper School, pupils were split into School Houses: Robinson, Sanders, Stewart and Thompson, named after important British Paralympians. Every participant and sport received points not only for winning but for joining in, helping and transition. This year, and the first name that will go on the brand new annual shield is Robinson! Well done all.

As always, the event was a fantastic success that allowed pupils to celebrate sports week, build new relationships, try out new sports and have fun in a healthy way, whilst extending their learning outside the classroom.

The event was really well organized, Olatz has taken on account all children’s abilities and made sure everyone joined and had fun. -  Michelle, TA3 Kusama

Sports week was good, Bowling was so much fun. I scored the highest score.                                                                                              - Ajith, Calder class KS4

 Sports week is good, sports week makes us Happy. I like playing with all my friends sports. Football was my favorites sports. Team Robinsons was the winner!                                                                              -Kallum, Riley class KS3

Super fun, everyone got involved, so proud of everyone. Sport days was great, and everyone looked amazing in their house tops.  - Jessie, TA1 Riley class


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