Perseid School

The Creative Arts at Perseid School

The Creative Arts supports all pupils to develop their skills in drama, dance, art and music. The Arts are taught both as a separate subject, and used as a teaching method in other subjects areas. The curriculum ensures that pupils have access to a broad and diverse culture.  We believe that the Arts are essential for promoting positive emotional and physical well-being. Learning through drama, dance, art and music supports pupils to make meaningful links to real life experiences, form strong memories, develop a sense of self and allows them to experiment with being creative and independent within a safe space.

The art foci this term are:

  • Step into dance
  • Upper Showcase: 8.12.2022
  • The KS4 drama production this year will be the Wizard of Oz revisited.This term the pupils are learning about the text and building on their general drama skills.
  • A number of Upper school pupils attend a weekly choir session.
  • Some pupils take part in Individual weekly instrument teaching, currently learning the piano.
  • Upper school Art club is running during lunchtime on a Friday. THe club is attended by pupils who have indicated that they enjoy art and is also an opportunity for pupils to extend their art skills.
  • Key Stage 3 will have the opportunity to work with Artburst for workshops within Creative Curriculum linked to the newly refurbished Wimbledon Museum who are focussing on their activity programmes and outreach.
  • EYFS and KS1 and 2 Nativity - Plans for the lower school nativities are underway. Helen, our specialist music teacher is currently looking at and choosing a script ready for rehearsals to start in November. Parents swil be invited in to watch their pupils perform with EYFS taking place on 6th December and KS1 and 2 on 7th December.


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