Perseid School

The National Autistic Society

Following a two day visit from two National Autistic Society Consultants, in March 2023, we were please to maintain our Autism Accreditation Award in recognition of the good autism practice provided for our autistic learners. 

We are incredibly proud to be recognised for our work in teaching and supporting pupils with Autism.

Strengths identified by the inspection team:

Staff have a working knowledge of evidence-informed approaches associated with good autism practice.

They can adapt these specialist approaches so that support is personal-centred and tailored to individual abilities, interests, preferences and challenges.

Adaptions are made to the environment to support pupil well-being and self-reliance.

Each autistic pupil develops skills and confidence in communicating with others and engaging in a range of rewarding social activities.
Each autistic pupil develops skills and confidence in carrying out tasks independently and in being empowered to make their own choices leading to them having greater control and self-autonomy in their lives.
Each autistic pupil enjoys an increasing range of sensory experiences whilst developing regulation strategies to help them avoid sensory overload.
Support enables autistic pupils to take part in activities which are purposeful and engaging and which promotes their emotional well-being and social inclusion.
Proactive and preventative strategies are employed to help each autistic pupil avoid anxiety or distress and to help them understand and regulate their emotions.

Perseid School is committed to the well-being of the children and young people across the school.

As a school, we continue to strive toward developing our provision for pupils with Autism and this accreditation supports us in moving forward.

Committed to
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