Perseid School

The Summer Term Curriculum 2022

Over the summer holidays, we take time to reflect on key aspects of our school provision and the summer term.


  • All Things Great and Small took us on a tantalising trip of size and shape, unearthing a world of encounters and experiences with vehicles, mammals and beasts.

Key Stage 1

  • The pupils took a journey to learn about Transport! Through a variety of creative and imaginative activities the pupils learnt about the different ways people can travel
  • The pupils also learnt about Old McDonald and his farm. Through a variety of creative activities, the pupils discovered different animals and the sounds they make. Also, they learnt about the people who work on the farm (e.g. farmer) and what their job entails.

Lower Key Stage 2          

  • Pupils had the chance to learn all about Kings, Queens and Royal life in this exciting topic. Through a variety of activities, the history of the royal palaces was brought to life. Through these activities, pupils developed their understanding of important historical figures and historical places.
  • What do we mean by wet and dry? What does it feel like? How many different ways do we use water? Where does water come from? What wildlife live in or on water? Pupils explored these and more questions in this fun and motivating topic about all things watery – they got wet!

Upper Key Stage 2

  • How can we experience and understand the world by using our senses, observing and exploring? Pupils explored the smell, texture and visual appearance of a variety of plants and minibeasts, collecting evidence and being scientific investigators.
  • Pupils went on an adventure, exploring the seas, developing our maps skills and understanding of water and different building materials. But before they set sail, they built a pirate ship!

Key Stage 3

  • For the topic Fantastic Festivals, the subject coverage was Art and Design, Modern Foreign Language (MFL), History, Geography and Computing. The KS3 pupils explored and experienced different festivals around the world, focusing on the similarities as well as the differences within the festivals.
  • For the topic Home Front, the subject coverage was Science, History, MFL, Art and Design and Computing. The KS3 pupils will learn about war and look further into World War II. The pupils discovered all the amazing things that the women did during the home front and then learn about how we remember the brave soldiers who were fighting.


  • Last term, KS4 focused on building essential skills that will help them as they prepare for adulthood. Pupils took part in work experience on the school site – admin assistant, IT assistant, Premises assistant or healthcare assistant. Some pupils took part in work visits, work shadowing and work experience. All pupils developed their understanding about how their learning in school supports them in developing skills they need for their future as they prepare for adulthood.

Sixth Form

  • Sixth Form embarked on their exciting enterprise project. After great success in making and selling wax melts in the Spring term, Sixth Form continued to make and sell wax melts to our school community. The students voted for a shop name, 'Shooting Stars' and designed a shop logo to add to all products. The pupils created surveys to find out the most popular colour, shape and scent for wax melts amongst our community, before working together to create the wax melts. This project continued to provide our pupils with real-life work experience, insight into the world of work and enable them to develop skills for their future such as team work, problem solving and creativity.
  • Some students had an exciting webinar from Rhian, an employment coach at SeeAbility to introduce them to the 'Ready, Willing and Able' supported employment programme. The students were supported to begin thinking about possible jobs they might get to get experience in when they finish college and what skills they need to develop. This enabled students to begin thinking about career options and the skills they may need to develop to support them to work towards their aspirations.



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