Perseid School

Warmly Welcoming Hamza!

This year positions opened for the role for Head Pupil. Following his application and interview, the post was awarded, very deservingly, to Hamza, who has been at Perseid since 2017. We caught up with Hamza to find out more about why he wanted to be Head Pupil, and welcome him to the role.

Congratulations on becoming Head Pupil Hamza! Why did you want to take up the role?

I want to help people, help my friends, pushing the swing, get toys, get the radio out and help teachers do lessons.

What responsibilities will you have as Head Pupil/Why do you think the role of Head Pupil is important?

Help around the school, help teachers and the morning reception job – help with registers.

What are you most looking forward to about being Head Pupil?

Wearing a pass and making my Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters proud of me.



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