Perseid School

Welcoming Nursery to Perseid 

At the start of September, Nursery class welcomed their new pupils to Perseid School. To warmly welcome pupils to the school, Nursery held an a party, which allowed children to explore all areas of early years with their parents, before starting school. The event also gave children the opportunity to meet their new class friends, reception pupils and staff, to begin building positive relationships and ensure they are settled in.

It was a joy to see pupils discovering exciting new toys and equipment, and enjoy new experiences with the support of their families, teachers and teaching assistants. Every pupil engaged in different activities, including painting, car wash, a teddy bears picnic and dolly care.

The session was a resounding success, with one parent even commenting how happy they were to see their child settling in comfortably and confidently, even riding a bike for the first time.


Nursery Welcome Party



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