Perseid School

Arts Week

During the first week of July, Perseid Upper School held Arts week. The theme of the week was ‘Around the World: Unity in Diversity’. Each classroom transformed in to a different country (Russia, India, Colombia, Japan, Nigeria, Mexico and Iceland) and researched an art, dance, music, drama and cooking activity from their country to share with the other classes. Each class rehearsed a story from their country with Freyja from Artis which they performed in the Summer Showcase on Friday afternoon.

Dali Class have opened the show - Arts Week: Stories from Around the World. Here they are, performing ‘The Princess Kaguya’ from Japan! Van Gogh class have put on an exceptional Mariachi celebration - with a brilliant music display! The tale of ‘The King and his Magic Drum’, whose drum could harvest food was performed by Riley Class, and ended with traditional dancing. We enjoyed a beautiful production of the Northern Lights in Iceland by Klee Class!  Matisse and Bonheur class teamed up for a fantastic production of ‘The Golden Fish’, a tale of a magical golden fish that grants wishes and a greedy fisherman!  ‪It was truly a magical Indian wedding for Kandinsky Class - alongside their fantastic art week work elephant creation for us all to admire! ‪What a brilliant performance to close our summer showcase with - a rather funny tale of a poor old lady who in fact wasn’t that poor at all from Monet Class!  

In addition to this, KS4 exhibited their art work at Bourne Hall in Ewell, which parents attending on the opening on Monday night and KS3 and Sixth Form visited during the week. It was a wonderful week which was great for our physical and mental well-being, filled with lots of laughter!

Thank you to all of our parents and families who came along to support and our wonderful staff for their efforts in making the showcase possible, and a creative art week for pupils.

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