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English Touring Opera

Upper School students in Red and Blue Pathway were delighted to benefit from the English Touring Opera visit to Perseid.

Pupils took part in four day rehearsals in the drama studio and a performance in the hall in front of the rest of Upper School as part of our residency project with the English Touring Opera. The group rehearsed and performed alongside professional musicians, using words, actions and ideas of Perseid pupils to create their own Perseid Opera which will now be toured around theatres in England and Europe, including the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon and a theatre in Luxembourg.

It was inspiring to see the children so engaged and working well together to create fantastic ideas for the opera. It was a wonderful project to work alongside and all pupils were very lucky to be involved with it, all members of the opera were very experienced and passionate about their role at Perseid, and we thank them for this unique and exciting opportunity.

We had a genuinely wonderful time at Perseid, and were delighted with the students, without exception, and with how they responded to us. In terms of how we develop a final professional piece for our spring tour and for Polka (not to mention Luxembourg) the ideas from the students - their stories, words and actions - could not have been richer or more interesting and appropriate?.

Tim Yelland, Head of Education at English Touring Opera

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