Perseid School

Horse Riding

Every Wednesday, a group of our Upper School pupils attend horse-riding lessons at the Diamond Riding Centre. Perseid School has been using Diamond for over 20 years, for weekly 30 minute sessions. All pupils vary in ability; four of current group of six are working toward their Grade 1 horse riding and horse care certificate, which includes learning the parts of the horse, the equipment used when horse riding and how to behave around the horse.

The experience for pupils is inspiring. One of our riders has grown over the course of the project from refusing to mount the horse to being a confident and happy rider and all pupils have recently had the opportunity to experience trotting, which they loved!

It was amazing so see the hard work and effort the pupils are putting in throughout the weekly sessions, but even more rewarding to witness the progress and enjoyment they were gaining from it?.

Fiona Copeland, Associate Headteacher 


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