Perseid School

Lower School Council

Our Lower School Council is made up of Adam, Zoeya, Kallum, Hasaan, Riylee, Makhai and Milli.

During School Council this Spring term, we have been thinking about what it means to be a child. We have been looking at the Amnesty International book 'Dreams of Freedom'. School Council have discussed the things our pupils do which make them a child, and what things adults have to do.

This subject involved lots of thought about other children around the world, and how they might have responsibilities which means they do not get to be a child. We thought back to our 'Children in Need' fundraising, and how this supports and helps children around the world. School Council did some very good thinking, and discussing, about how important it is for children around the world to have help when they need it, and the right they have to have a childhood. All pupils demonstrated a mature way of thinking when considering the needs and rights of children across the globe, and the actions that we do to help.


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