Perseid School

Parent Led Support Group

At Perseid, we host a weekly parent led support group; open to all Perseid parents.

Supported by our Family Support Worker, Tracey Fowles and Emma Trustrum, Clinical Psychologist and Primary Mental Health Worker at Merton CAMHS, the group is directed by the parents choosing topics that they wish to discuss the following week. Where possible, services are invited in to deliver talks.

The group aims to provide parents with shared ideas, and an understanding of practical tools and services in the community, alongside the importance of looking after yourself and staying positive.

Some of the subjects previously discussed include toilet training, sleep issues, restrictive diets, behavioural difficulties and sensory processing disorders - any subject that is a concern to our parents can be discussed openly at the group.

Meetings are held weekly; Thursdays 1.30-2.30pm at the

Lower School.

I really value hearing others experience of their children going through different phases, and learning that these won't last  forever. Offers me hope and a lift?. -Parent

I recognised of the impact of my child's behaviour on his siblings: it has taught them tolerance, compassion, and a different insight to (SEN). But what support/services is available for them? That's what I am looking to learn.?- Parent

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