Perseid School

Pupil Voice and School Council

At Perseid, Pupil Voice is fundamental. We feel very strongly about providing pupils with the opportunity to better their learning experience; and so have a School Council at both Lower and Upper School. The School Council take on important responsibilities in making decisions on matters of importance at half-termly meetings, including fundraising, lunchtime activities and codes of conduct. Lower School Council had their first meeting on 21st September; where they chose names for the class workrooms.

Last years School Council representatives were treated to a Nandos lunch, to thank them for all their hard work and efforts throughout the year, as they made many important decisions that have improved the school, and we would like to thank and congratulate them all.

We have recently elected our new school council representatives at Lower and Upper School! We look forward to working together this academic year and bringing positive and meaningful changes to their school day.


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