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As part of our extensive partnerships and enrichment programme, pupils in KS4 and Sixth Form will be taking part in the Imprints programme with the Rambert dance company - a fantastic opportunity to work with professional contemporary and ballet dancers.

Rehearsals for the Imprints programme begin in February, and on the 23rd November pupils visited Sadlers Wells Theatre to watch two of Rambert's latest dances - Symbiosis and A Linha Curva. The dances pupil watched will provide the stimuli's for their piece, that pupils will perform in the spring piece.

It was a brilliant day out, all pupils enjoyed themselves and were incredibly impressed by the dances! The second performance had everyone at the edge of their seat, which was an explosive, colourful samba-inspired piece. All pupils were clicking their fingers, waving their arms and eager to begin dancing themselves! The group were a pleasure to accompany, using public transport safely and maturely, and Adnan kindly offered his seat to an expectant mother. As always, the pupils were excellent representatives for Perseid School.

Watch this space for our response piece!


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