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The Sherwood School Early Years Outdoor Learning Grand Opening

This year, we are excited to continue our partnership with The Sherwood School; with Tina Harvey continuing her role as Executive Headteacher across both Perseid and The Sherwood School.

As a result of our partnership, we were delighted to attend the grand opening of The Sherwood School Early Years Outdoor Learning Environment on the 13th October 2017.

It has been an exciting time for the Early Years team and children in Nursery and Reception pupils as they eagerly awaited the use of their unique learning space. Transformed from a garden to an outdoor learning environment, it was specifically designed to promote holistic learning for our Early Years pupils.

The development cost £32,000, funded by The Sherwood School and took two weeks to complete; and the finished area includes a mud kitchen, construction area, trim trail, den area, outdoor reading area and shaded sand play. We look forward to sharing further news with you; of how the pupils are enjoying and settling in to the new area and the new learning practises that staffs are able to take advantage of and introduce pupils to.

To mark the occasion, pupils created their own invitations and hosted an event to unveil the new area, to our families, pupils, staff and wider community. The Sherwood School were lucky enough to host local councillors, governors and local authority staff to the event; and Councillor Caroline Copper-Marbiah and Chair of Governors Jane Roberts cut the ribbon, to declare the learning area open.

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