Perseid School

Working 9 to 5 - KS4 Work Experience !

As part of their weekly PSHE sessions, KS4 Silver Group have been learning to develop essential skills for the workplace. Alongside a car wash enterprise project, students completed a series of work experience sessions at Upper School. These sessions included learning about the responsibilities involved as a member of the premises team, admin team and technical team and resulted in students completing shifts where they experienced the practical elements of the roles. 

Silver Group put their work skills into practice by visiting Bauer Media in Covent Garden. The students worked brilliantly following instructions as they completed the mail out, filed magazines, researched pictures and recorded their own radio broadcasts!

It was an excellent day filled with hard work and new opportunities to develop social and communication skills (followed by a well-deserved lunch at Burger King). Silver Group, you should be very proud of yourselves!

A huge thank you to Bauer Media and all Perseid staff involved in contributing towards their extended learning opportunities for pupils.

Hannah Brimson, KS4 Teacher

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