Perseid School

Year 14 DofE

Our Year 14 students have been taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award; and are elated to have achieved their Bronze Award!

Students were tasked with developing their experiences of volunteering and sports, enhancing their skills and preparing for an expedition; all of which they took on with a positive and excited attitude. It was fantastic to see so many students engaged and enthusiastic about the project.

For the volunteering aspect; students carried out a survey to investigate their peer's favourite films and find out what they wanted to watch. From here, they made posters to advertise the newly formed film club and made declivous popcorn cones! It was a great event for all involved and all the students loved it!

The second stage involved students developing their skills at keeping fit. They took part in a range of activities including cricket, panathlon sports, boating, MOVE programme, physiotherapy, swimming, hydrotherapy and cycling - take a look at the pictures to see what they got up to! Students also furthered their skills and experience in getting close to nature, through working in the environment, as well as developing new skills in hospitality and catering and hair and beauty care.

Lastly, students took part in many activities to allow their expedition skills and knowledge to grow, before going on to a practise and then a final qualifying expedition. They learnt about orienteering, nature crafts, and how to cook on a camping stove. Health and safety, first aid and packing an expedition bag were amongst further important learning opportunities. The experiences were incredibly fun as well as challenging - congratulations to all students and good luck with the Silver Award and collecting the Bronze Award in March!


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