Perseid School

Sixth Form

At Sixth Form, an emphasis on providing a broad and enriching curriculum reflects pupil interests and strengths, leading to externally accredited achievement.

We offer opportunities for pupils to participate in enterprise education and work experience, alongside the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme.

English and Maths lessons continue to take place in pathway groupings and pupils study specialist option modules, Hospitality and Catering, Hair and Beauty or Environmental Studies, one per week. All pupils undertake General Studies – adapted to suit individual needs - and Media Studies, pupils learn about films, advertising, audio-visual sequences and print, undertaking a major project of directing their own film.

Strong relationships with post-school providers allow pupils to take part in a link placement to their chosen further education establishment, in order to support and prepare for the transition into the next stage of their lives.

 Sixth Form Destinations and Accreditation Outcomes 

It was clear that all the work I sampled had involved great dedication and a lot of hard work and careful thought to produce portfolios of evidence that the learners will be proud to own.



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