Perseid School

Termly Curriculum Report

Below is a copy of our Termly Curriculum Report, outlining outcomes of key aspects of the pupil experience and curriculum at Perseid School, Spring 2023. 

Quality of Teaching and Learning

Planning monitoring, learning walks (with a focus on environment and teaching and learning including specific intervention e.g. TEACCH) and observation weeks have continued into the Spring term to enable the leadership team to maintain oversight of the teaching and learning taking place at both lower and upper school. Areas for development have been identified on an individual but also whole school basis, allowing for the professional development of teachers but also working to drive forward our vision for class and pathway development.

Work has started on the development of Pathway Medium Term Planning documents. This was identified as an area for development following the Autumn Term observations weeks. Newly developed planning formats have been trialled by the Maths and English Subject Leads in 2 Pathways this term, with the plan for further trials in other Pathways in the Summer Term.

National Autistic Society Accreditation: The school will be having their NAS re-accreditation assessment from 7th to 9th March 2023. This will involve a 3 day visit from 2 assessors who are specifically looking at our provision for pupils with autism.

TEACCH training: Five of our teachers have attended their certified 3 day TEACCH training this term, in line with the professional development we offer all our teachers.

Pupil Outcomes, Achievements and Progress

Pupil progress meetings with Assistant Heads continue to take place each term. Pupils needing additional interventions, for example the tutoring programme, are identified.  The additional interventions support those pupils to meet their targets.

Curriculum Catch Ups


For PSHE, teachers have started to implement the new schemes of work this half term. All the feedback we’ve received has been very positive and encouraging. Kate and Louise, our PSHE leads, will be doing a PSHE learning walk to see the planning in practice early next half term. We are continuing to add to the PSHE Library, looking at inclusive texts and texts that highlight minority groups.


Animal Antics: 'An exhilarating expedition through the habitats and experiences of a range of animals'

Pupils in EYFS are learning about different animals and the habitats that they live in. They will experience a range of habitat tuff trays such as bugs in soil, sea creatures in water, and desert animals in the sand. Pupils learn about a different animal each week in their art lesson, which they then create a piece of art of their own by using a variety of techniques, for example, using a fork to paint a fuzzy bear. In the latter half of the term, Reception pupils will be going on a school trip every Friday, on a minibeast hunt!

Key Stage 1

Creative Curriculum Term 1: Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Children have learnt to Identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses. They have used basic geographical vocabulary to refer to key human features e.g. farm, castle, bridge and developed these skills in fun and creative ways.

Term 2: The Enchanted Woodland

Pupils will learn to identify and name plants and animals in their habitat. They will do this whilst developing a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.

Lower Key Stage 2

Creative Curriculum Term 1: Ancient Greece

Pupils have described the culture and leisure activities, way of life and actions of people the Ancient Greeks.

This topic included a trip to the British Museum where children were able to explore artefacts and dress up!.

Term 2: Come Dine with Me!

Pupils will learn to understand the importance of hygiene whilst creating and producing a recipe using a word processing programme.

Upper Key Stage 2

Creative curriculum Term 1: Travel and Transport

Pupils have enjoyed designing and building different boats, evaluating their effectiveness and investigating whether they float or sink. Alongside this pupils have developed their knowledge and understanding of significant events - e.g. the first aeroplane flight.

Term 2: When I Grow Up!

Pupils have developed their understanding of how people change as they get older and begun to understand their senses and awareness of the world around us.

Key Stage 3: Creative Curriculum

Term 1: Heroes for Change

During this topic, pupils will be developing their understanding and raising awareness of the global goals. They will become heroes for change advocating for zero hunger, no poverty, clean water for all, life on land and the life around water. They will explore climate action and the connections between their lives and the wider world. The pupils will focus on their impact and will practise the skills needed to care for the environment. For example: turning the tap off whilst brushing their teeth, buying food for the food bank, recycling and reusing materials

Term 2: Bella Italia

During this topic, pupils will express their creativity through cooking a variety of healthy Italian savoury dishes adding to our recipe books. They will develop a range of cooking techniques such as peeling, chopping, grating and mixing. They will develop an understanding of where their food comes from and how it grows; planting and looking after a variety of vegetables in our growing garden. The internet will be an important source of information for the pupils and they will be developing their online safety skills whilst researching Italy.

Key Stage 4

Within Relationships and Sex Education lessons, pupils have been learning about different types of relationships, consent, private body parts, private and public places and the importance of speaking out to stay safe.

Within Drama, pupils have been working towards their KS4 drama production by familiarising themselves with the text, exploring props and costume in addition to working together to develop the various acts ready for the performance. The KS4 production this year will be 'The Wizard of Oz', with a twist. We welcome 'Dylan' instead of Dorothy!

6th Form

Within General Studies lessons, pupils have been developing their understanding of healthy lifestyles through exploration of healthy diets, routine exercise and movement and developing an understanding of their own wellbeing and emotions.

Pupils have been beginning to produce different products to sell at the sixth form spring market including jam, playdough and Easter chicks. Pupils have been exploring design, resources and costs when producing the different items.

Pupils have been continuing to develop their awareness of the essential skills needed to support them to prepare for adulthood within their preparation for adulthood lessons. Pupils are beginning to identify the 8 essential skills and learn more about how they can develop these through videos, stories and weekly challenges.

Hospitality and Catering group are hosting an afternoon tea to demonstrate their key skills required for their accredited learning in food service on 14th March.

Computing and Online Safety 

The computing subject lead is further developing the computing curriculum to clearly show progression of key computing skills learning across the key stages. She is updating the schemes of work using the new format to reflect the curriculum learning outcomes at the Pre- Formal, Semi- Formal and Formal stages for Computing.

The Computing and PSHE Subject Leads are in the process of planning the staff INSET day for online safety taking place in April. The aim is to ensure all colleagues are aware of the platforms which can be accessed to keep young people/people safe online. We will be training our colleagues using the National Online Safety skills programme, where they will take part in an online presentation and answer questions related to their learning. There will also be two inputs for teachers and teaching assistants on programmes/sources, such as 'Be Internet Awesome'.

Careers Education 

Pupils have been continuing to develop their awareness of the essential skills needed to support them to prepare for adulthood through a weekly skills focus. This skill is linked to different learning during the week and pupils are awarded at the end of week assembly for their progress towards each skill through the presentation of certificates.


As part of our "Sing , Dance, Play!" the children at lower school have been working hard on their singing, instrumental skills as well as creating movement to music. Pupils enjoyed learning to sing and play our "Be in the Band" song and particularly enjoyed exploring and playing the bass guitar and electric drum kit. We created our own band and had great fun listening to each other play! Red Pathway are excited to be taking part in a Blues and Roots event with other primary schools in the St Helier Cluster. This will be held at upper school and involve workshops with the amazing Blues and Roots ensemble and a concert at the end to which parents are invited.

Pupils at Upper school have started new topics this term. The Sixth Form open orchestras have been working on a piece called ‘Building Blocks’, composed for the students by professional musician Ed Kaye who is also leading the orchestra with the Music teacher. Pupils are developing their skill at following musical directions as well as playing different instrumental parts.

Key Stage 4 have been learning to play and sing songs for their drama production and are about to start work on composing incidental music.

Key Stage 3 have been learning about music from African Countries and have been following simple musical scores to play music from South Africa.

Pupils across the school participated in “Finish This” which is a special project for schools run by The English National Opera. Pupils were given the challenge to complete a piece of opera entitled "Blue, Red, Yellow....." with a composition about their own colour world.

Monet Class were excited that their composition "Pink" was chosen to be animated and posted on the ENO website. We are looking forward to more visits from professional musicians this year including a special interactive opera concert in the Spring.

Arts at Perseid School

The Creative Arts supports all pupils to develop their skills in drama, dance, art and music. The Arts are taught both as a separate subject, and used as a teaching method in other subjects areas. The curriculum ensures that pupils have access to a broad and diverse culture. We believe that the Arts are essential for promoting positive emotional and physical well-being. Learning through drama, dance, art and music supports pupils to make meaningful links to real life experiences, form strong memories, develop a sense of self and allows them to experiment with being creative and independent within a safe space.

The art foci this term are:

  • Whole School Pantomime Performance of Dick Whittington by Shooting Star Entertainments took place on 3rd January 2023
  • KS4 Drama rehearsals & production: “The Wizard of Oz Revisited.” They are busy choreographing routines, learning lines and developing different characters, in preparation for the live performance on 11th May 2023
  • Individual Instrument teaching: Some pupils take part in Individual weekly instrument teaching, currently learning the piano
  • Upper School Choir: school choir continues to run on a weekly basis
  • Upper school Art club: This is running during lunchtime on a Tuesday. The club is attended by pupils who have indicated that they enjoy art and is also an opportunity for pupils to extend their art skills.
  • The Artburst Shadow Puppet Workshop: Red Pathway have been taking part in a shadow stories workshop with Artburst. This has been a weekly project in school following the recent refurbishment of Wimbledon Museum. The museum's strap line is 'making history here' and they have invited us to be part of this exciting project. We are hoping to have a screening of the shadow stories production in March.
  • ‘Blink’: Dance company ‘Blink’ will be delivering curriculum dance lessons to 2 classes in Key Stage 3
  • Step into dance: Lessons continue to take place in 2 classes in Key Stage 3. A group of pupils will hopefully be performing at ‘The Step Around Town’ live event
  • KCS Partnership: 3 pupils in 6th Form have been working with KCS to prepare for a performance at the KCS Open Door event and 1 pupil from 6th Form is joining mainstream peers at Ricards School to rehearse for a performance at the KCS Open Door Event on 24th March.

Sports Update

Lower School

  • Josie, PE lead has begun updating the PE schemes of work so that they are inline with the preformal, semiformal and formal proforma. A separate preformal scheme of work has also been created which is circuit based with core stations developing the set skill we aim to develop that half term. There will be a focus on MOVE and OT/Physio packs in the preformal schemes of work.
  • There have been MSSP trips this term with Elephant Class going to a Boccia and Kurling Competition.
  • Lower school rebound after school club has continued and the feedback from parents has been really positive. Morgan and Elen have booked on to do a further Rebound CPD around brain stimulation.
  • ECT PE CPD courses have continued with Daniaal enrolled for Lower School.

Upper School

  • Many of the students have made big improvements in strokes, skills and water confidence. This was highlighted in January when Perseid took a team to the Panathlon South London swimming gala. The Perseid team came third overall which is a superb achievement. The team all got bronze medals and a framed certificate that has pride of place at our upper school reception.
  • The PE subject lead is further developing the PE curriculum to clearly show progression of key skills learning across the key stages. She is updating the schemes of work using the new format to reflect the curriculum learning outcomes at the Pre- Formal, Semi- Formal and Formal stages for PE.
  • A group of pupils will be taking part in the Boccia competition at the London Youth Games
  • The PE Subject Lead is starting to build links with other special needs schools to be able to organise the first Multi Sport Perseid competition
  • Carew Academy has been in contact with the PE Subject Lead with the view to arranging some inclusive football competitions for the different Key Stages.
  • We have appointed two new rebound TA's - Laura and Terry. Well done to Laura who has already completed her training and gained the Rebound qualification. As a result, we are looking to commence an Upper School pupils after school rebound club in the late spring term.

Local & National Events/Projects

Such projects offer opportunities for pupils to take part in national and local community events, contributing to pupil’s rights to be part of a community. It builds on their social skills and offers them a breadth of experience.

Children’s Mental Health Week - week beginning 6th February 2023

This year’s theme is “Let’s Connect”. There will be a focus on encouraging the pupils to consider how they can make meaningful connections. A range of activities will be incorporated into the curriculum to encourage our pupils to explore this theme.

 National Careers Week - week beginning 6th March 2023

In March, it is National Careers Week. Pupils will engage in a variety of different activities as appropriate for each pupil including work encounters, TFL safety and citizenship talk, talks from higher education providers, spring market and individual careers interviews. Additionally, students will be taking part in a Skills Builder Challenge Day. The Challenge Days provide an exciting and engaging way for students to work together and use and develop their essential skills.

 Book Week - week beginning 20th March 2023

The theme of this year’s book week is a ‘Celebration of Diversity’, including SEND, culture, family and LGBQ. Pupils will explore a variety of books and english based activities around this theme. This is in support of the mental health week topic, which is ‘Let's Connect’.

 Comic Relief - Red Nose Day - 17th March 2023

The school council will be discussing fundraising ideas for Comic Relief. Activities for Red Nose Day will be planned by the school council on 23rd February at Lower School and 24th February at Upper School and these will include fundraising ideas, which often include a bit of fancy dress at lower school!

Emotional Wellbeing

Three Assistant Heads have been undertaking the ‘Supervision in Schools’ pilot project with Merton Educational Psychology Service. This will enable further development of the supervision structure with the implementation of individual supervision sessions for teachers.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is a key part of the school curriculum. Outdoor learning is proven to be beneficial to pupil wellbeing and readiness to learn, improving their overall quality of life and school experience. Outdoor learning at Perseid increases our pupils’ opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom that will help prepare them for life beyond school. Not to mention they also have lots of fun!

Key Stage 3 curriculum developments have seen the inclusion of a weekly citizenship lesson linked to Creative Curriculum. One Creative Curriculum session weekly has a careers skill builder focus and the students are supported to access learning linked to the Creative Curriculum topic outside of their classroom. Here are some examples of the visits we have been on:

  • Trip to Morden Park to support our work on bugs
  • Trips on different local modes of transport to support our Eureka learning about old and new transport
  • Trip to Lidl to buy food for the food bank becoming a hero for change
  • Trip to the local garden centre to raise awareness of plant life and life in the water

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is a priority at Perseid and it is elicited in a number of ways to allow all pupils to express their needs and wants.

All pupils are given the opportunity to express themselves using their preferred communication method and all voices and views are valued. The benefit is that pupils are supported to develop their social and communication skills, pupils are heard and as a result their self-esteem and lived school experiences are improved which research suggests holds a direct link to improved long term outcomes.

 Lower School Council

The School Council met to discuss what they like in school to help update the ‘Pupil Perspective’ on the website. They will meet early next half term to decide on Red Nose Day fancy dress and fundraising ideas.

Upper School Council

This term, the School Council took part in an Adultification Student Focus Group with Merton SCP. Pupils also completed the School Questionnaire and planned next steps following this. They reported back to the Governors for Governors Outcomes committee meeting (08.02.22) about what is going well and what they would like to bring to the governors‘ attention. The School Council also discussed music playlists for the playground and identified strategies to ensure the music played was safe and appropriate in addition to considering music devices/speakers.

Pupils will begin to plan for Red Nose Day (17th March).

Pupils will take part in a Climate Change Workshop (lead by CSE) to support them to share information with their peers about how to respond to climate change.

Communication with Parents and Family Learning

Parent Partnership Weeks are taking place this term. Parents of pupils in Years 1, 4, 7, 10 & 12 are invited to make a short visit to class to see their child, with a member of the Leadership Team:

Years 1 & 7: week beginning 16th January 2023

Years 3 & 10: week beginning 6th February 2023

Years 5 & 12: week beginning 20th February 2023

Family Learning Programme

The Family Learning Programme has continued to take place on a weekly basis, organised by EYFS teacher, Rosie Lawrence. The programme this term includes:

  • Careers Workshop
  • PECS: 1:1 (including symbol making workshop)
  • PSHE: Puberty and Preparation for Menstruation
  • Merton Information, Advice Support and Service Officer for families in relation to SEND (external speaker)
  • Occupational Therapy workshop
  • Speech and Language Therapy workshop - supporting communication in the home
  • Read Write Inc workshop



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