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Termly Curriculum Report

Below is a copy of our Termly Curriculum Report, outlining outcomes of key aspects of the pupil experience and curriulum at Perseid School, Autumn 2022. 

Quality of Teaching and Learning

Planning monitoring, learning walks (with a focus on environment and teaching and learning including specific intervention e.g. TEACCH) and observation week enables the leadership team to maintain oversight of the teaching and learning taking place at both Lower and Upper School.

It has been positive to see the individualised curriculum being delivered to support the range of needs within classes and evidence of supportive interventions are clearly embedded as you walk through the school.

Areas for development have been identified on an individual but also whole school basis, allowing for the professional development of teachers but also worked to drive forward our vision for class and pathway development. For example, one area highlighted for exploration is the consistency in pathways planning and lesson organisation and the benefit of collaborative working between teachers.

Our new curriculum schemes of work are in use at lower school and feedback from teachers has been positive. These schemes of work have ensured there is breadth of coverage and progression as pupils move through Perseid. Upper school’s is now being developed and will allow for this progression to continue through Upper school. .

Pupil Outcomes, Achievements and Progress

Pupil progress meetings with Assistant Heads continue to take place each term. Pupils needing additional interventions, for example the covid- catch up tutoring programme, are identified.  The additional interventions support those pupils to meet their targets.

Curriculum Catch Ups


  • Magical Me: an enchanting journey of guided self-discovery.

 Key Stage 1: Creative Curriculum

  • Term 1: All About Me!

Exploring their bodies, their likes and dislikes, feelings, families and how to look after themselves through a variety of fun and creative activities.

  • Term 2: Barnaby Bear

Exploring  different European countries, their similarities and differences.

Lower Key Stage 2: Creative Curriculum        

  • Term 1: If you go Down to the Woods Today

Exploring plants and growing, habitats, leaves, funghi, algae, birds and nests.

  • Term 2:  Come Dine with Me

Exploring where food comes from (in world/animal/plant), materials and mixing, growing food, healthy living.

Upper Key Stage 2: Creative Curriculum       

  • Term 1:Travel and Transport

Exploring maps, transport types, road safety, forces, magnets, electricity.

  • Term 2: Dinosaurs

Exploring the land of dinosaurs through historical inquiry and investigating  animals and habitats.

Key Stage 3: Creative Curriculum

Autumn Term 1:  Brilliant Bugs: During this topic, we will develop our scientific understanding of bugs and their habitats, explore plant life and begin to be able to use this information to classify. We will visit Morden Park and the Butterfly House - observing the physical features of the environments and the bugs in their natural habitats. We will also use a range of materials to create a Bug Hotel in the Upper School Camp Out area which will be a suitable home for many bugs.  

Autumn Term 2: Eureka: During this topic, we will be finding out about inventions old and new. We will explore the invention of transport and have the opportunity to use the different modes of transport in our local environment. We are also going to create some fantastic inventions ourselves to sell at the Christmas Market exploring the criteria, evaluating and improving a product. Famous inventors will be important to us and we will use stories, books, media and other resources to find out more about the inventors.


KS4 are learning about themselves, reflecting on their own personal strengths and setting themselves goals for skills they want to develop that will help them as they prepare for adulthood.

Sixth Form

Enterprise - Planning and preparations are underway for the Christmas Market.  Pupils are working towards an accredited Enterprise unit at Entry Level 1.

Preparation for Adulthood lessons are taking place.  Pupils are beginning to understand and learn about the essential skills needed as they prepare for adulthood.

Duke of Edinburgh - The focus this term is on volunteering.  Pupils will be caring for rabbits and actively working on environmental issues, by litter picking.

Environmental studies group are learning about a variety of environments as part of their accredited work through outdoor learning experiences in the local community such as visiting garden centres, the local park and Wisley Gardens.

Careers Education 

Personalised careers education at Perseid School will inspire the potential of every pupil and support every individual to discover their best next step.

Our focus this term: 

  • Preparation for Adulthood lessons - beginning to understand and learn about the essential skills needed as the students prepare for adulthood
  • Work experience - on and off-site including one pupil taking on the role of assistant sports coach with Merton Sports Partnership
  • Skills Builder - beginning to introduce weekly skills challenges from KS3 - 6th form and reflect in end of week assembly including certificates.

Arts at Perseid School

The Creative Arts supports all pupils to develop their skills in drama, dance, art and music. The Arts are taught both as a separate subject, and used as a teaching method in other subjects areas. The curriculum ensures that pupils have access to a broad and diverse culture.  We believe that the Arts are essential for promoting positive emotional and physical well-being. Learning through drama, dance, art and music supports pupils to make meaningful links to real life experiences, form strong memories, develop a sense of self and allows them to experiment with being creative and independent within a safe space.

The art foci this term are:

  • Step into dance
  • Upper Showcase: 8.12.2022
  • The KS4 drama production this year will be the Wizard of Oz revisited.This term the pupils are learning about the text and building on their general drama skills.
  • A number of Upper School pupils attend a weekly choir session.
  • Some pupils take part in Individual weekly instrument teaching, currently learning the piano.
  • Upper school Art club is running during lunchtime on a Friday. The club is attended by pupils who have indicated that they enjoy art and is also an opportunity for pupils to extend their art skills.
  • Key Stage 3 will have the opportunity to work with Artburst for workshops within Creative Curriculum linked to the newly refurbished Wimbledon Museum who are focussing on their activity programmes and outreach.
  • EYFS and KS1 and 2 Nativity - Plans for the lower school nativities are underway. Helen, our specialist music teacher is currently looking at and choosing a script ready for rehearsals to start in November. Parents swil be invited in to watch their pupils perform with EYFS taking place on 6th December and KS1 and 2 on 7th December.

Sports Update

  • We have been awarded Platinum PE Sports Mark.
  • KS4 & 6th Form Morden Pool swim are taking place on Tuesday Mornings.
  • Horse riding for year 7 pupils on Tuesday Mornings.
  • MSSP Cross Country Borough championships are taking place on 10/10/22.
  • Rebound at Lower and Upper school, delivered by both our own staff and Merton Sports Partnership coach.
  • Sports coaches from Merton Sports Partnership continue to support class PE sessions.
  • Lower School have a Boccia competition afternoon on 19th October.
  • Rebound after school club resumes at the end of this half term. This will be every Thursday and pupils will be brought by their parent/carer.
  • Elephant, a Key Stage 2 class, are attending the Inclusive Championships on the 18th November, entering the Curling Event. This is the first of a number of these events that we are participating in over the academic year.

Local & National Events/Projects

Such projects offer opportunities for pupils to take part in national and local community events, contributing to pupil’s rights to be part of a community.  It builds on their social skills and offers them a breadth of experience.

  • We held an Upper School assembly to think about and celebrate the Queen's reign and the Platinum Jubilee celebrations we had last academic year. We held a two minute silence to reflect on the Queen's life and each student created a portrait of the Queen.
  • Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Awards.

Three pupils were nominated and received awards for speaking up in a positive way identifying what he needs when he feels anxious; for showing bravery and maturity as he overcame his anxiety while preparing for his next steps into adulthood; and  developing confidence as a singer performing with expression and making eye contact with the audience . The Award ceremony is being held at the Polka Theatre on 10/10/21 and one pupil will be attending with his family and a representative from the school's leadership team.

  • Lower School Cake Sale 20/10/2022

The annual lower school cake sale will take place on Thursday 20th October. Pupils will bake cakes and sell them to raise money for Unicef’s Floods in Pakistan appeal.

  • BBC Children in Need Charity Day 18/11/22

The School Council will be discussing fundraising ideas for Children in Need.

  • For international day of disability, pupils will enjoy a day focused on celebrating differences and disabilities. Planning is currently taking place and pupils will be able to take part in a workshop with either a para athlete or Blink Dance company. PSHE lead is currently waiting on confirmation.
  • Winter Market 2/12/22.

This is an annual enterprise fundraising event which pupils are working towards in their Enterprise lessons.  The School Council will be discussing and voting which charity to raise funds for.

Emotional Wellbeing

Luna, therapy dog at upper, with Anna continues to visit Upper School every Thursday.  The pupils are always excited to see her and can’t wait for their turn to be “Luna’s friend”. We now also have had a therapy dog called Lottie join Lower School along with her handler Sarah.

More students are beginning to access and use the Zone of Regulation, as it is rolled out in school. Zones of regulation are identified on pupils OT programmes.

Teachers are continuing to seek support from the Thrive team for pupils who they feel worried about and appropriate plan and interventions are put in place and reviewed termly.

Outdoor learning continues to play a significant role in the promotion of positive wellbeing for our pupils.

Planning is currently underway to offer a 10 week block placement of play therapy  to a small number of pupils at Upper School.

Outdoor Learning:

Outdoor learning is a key part of the school curriculum. Outdoor learning is proven to be beneficial to pupil wellbeing and readiness to learn, improving their overall quality of life and school experience. Outdoor learning at Perseid increases our pupils’ opportunities to develop skills beyond the classroom that will help prepare them for life beyond school. Not to mention they also have lots of fun!

  • The newly built scooter park is now open to pupils at upper school and is often in use by the upper school pupils. The pupils are slowly building their confidence and working towards scooting over the ramp. Research tells us of the importance of taking risks to release chemicals that will help children to learn.
  • Key Stage 3 are excited to be using the local community and trips to support their learning within their Creative Curriculum lessons. This term they are visiting the Horniman’s museum and local visits to Morden Park to search for bugs and their habitats.
  • At lower school the Edible Garden continues to play a significant part in our outdoor learning curriculum, with pupils planting, growing, picking and sometimes eating their produce.
  • The Sensory area of our playground is under development at lower school and this will enable further outdoor learning, which will benefit pupils, learning, development and wellbeing.
  • The appointment of a Forest School Lead who is due to start at the beginning of November will further enhance our outdoor provision for pupils.

Link Visits from Mainstream Peers

Student volunteers from local mainstream schools join various classes at Perseid School on a weekly basis.  They have various responsibilities from mentoring a Perseid learner to general classroom support.  They bring a positive peer influence, leading to improved social skills, increased self esteem and broadening the breadth of experience of Perseid the pupils.  This term students from King's College, Ursuline and Wimbledon High are volunteering.

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is a priority at Perseid and it is elicited in a number of ways to allow all pupils to express their needs and wants.

All pupils are given the opportunity to express themselves using their preferred communication method and all voices and views are valued. The benefit is that pupils are supported to develop their social and communication skills, pupils are heard and as a result their self-esteem and lived school experiences are improved which research suggests holds a direct link to improved long term outcomes.

 Lower School Council

Following the addition of a new group room over the summer, the school council will be choosing new names for all the group rooms at Lower, as well as deciding on a fundraising idea for Children in Need.

Upper School Council

Organised Upper School Christmas card design competition. All pupils designed a Christmas Card. School Council voted for top 4 across Upper School and scanned and sent to Tina for Kings College to sell at their Christmas market.

Agenda items for Autumn term Upper School Council meetings:

  • 9th September 2022: Welcome back. Discuss the role of Head Pupil and School Council member. Organise Christmas Card design project.
  • 23rd September 2022: Vote for Christmas Card design to be sent to Kings College School.
  • 14th October 2022: Complete planning for Children in Need (18th November) and discuss International Day of Disability (2nd December)
  • 4th November 2022: Planning for Christmas Market Day (2nd December). Reflect on Autumn term events. Make a newsletter. Think ahead to Spring term.

Communication with Parents and Family Learning

Meet the teacher events took place virtually this term and parents were offered a choice of virtual or face to face for parents evening. Many parents opted for virtual and we had the highest number of parents attend this term than we have seen before.




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