Perseid School

Travel Plan

At Perseid School, we are committed to promoting positive travel behaviour. Through exploring the possibilities for safe and sustainable travel, pupils develop independence and this ultimately contributes to their overall wellbeing. 

We work alongside STARS; Transport for London's accrediatition scheme for London schools and nurseries that inspires young Londoners to travel sustainably, actively, responsibly and safely by championing walking, scooting, cycling and the use of public transport. STARS also supports pupils' well being, helps to reduce congestion around our schools and improve road safety and air quality.

We are thrilled to share with our local community that Perseid School has been awarded the Bronze Level STARS Award by Transport for London. This recognises the initiatives delivered and their success in changing travel behaviour, recognising our achievements in reducing car use, increased walking and cycling and using public transport responsibly and sustainably. 

For further information, please visit the STARS website for details of our school travel plan: 


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